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If you're dreaming to get married in Italy you need some important information.

That's to avoid every kind of stress and plan a perfect wedding, above all your expectations.
You surely know that Italy is the land of enchanting places, of good food and traditions, of "La dolce vita", history, dream, colors and scents.
But don't forget that Italy is also bureaucracy!
You'll need to seek several authorizations and procedures that take a lot of time and it's not so easy to find the right person to which to ask relevant information.
That's why is preferred to start planning your wedding day in advance, so you'll avoid stress and every kind of problem.

It would be even better if you'll find someone who really knows the correct procedures and coud follow it for you.
If you choose a location don't assume that people will speak your language!
It would be extremely difficult for you to organize the event if you can't speak italian.
Maybe some officials in the government may speak a little english but when you'll have to deal with professionals like photographer, flourist, musicians, caterers and all those essential to your marriage, it would be hard because they only speak italian.

Another point that you must know is the differences between the North of Italy and the South: habits, sceneries and many other things are completely different north/south.
Do you know that Italian traditional wedding is based on food?
Do you know that all restaurants offers many hours (from 6 to 10 hours) of lunch?

Do you know that you'll may need a wedding planner to be sure something different from a sitted wedding?
We are changing the wedding day timeline, basing it on something different: emotional, romantic, scenic but also  enjoyable !
We want you to give an unforgettable wedding, as you've ever dreamed!

To choose a professional wedding planner is the best thing to do however!
You'll assure you an exhilarating and stress free organization and , most of all, a succesfull wedding in the most beautiful Country in the world!
We realize bespoke weddings with passion, professionalism and style.

Thanks to us bridegrooms' ll have the serenity to have everything under control and choose the best for their big day:
the most beautiful location, the best time of year, the best professionals, the most enchanting atmospheres, the most beautiful italian wedding day... of your life!
We also take care of your guests accomodation and entertainment: they will will make them feel cuddled like no one else could do!
Everything will be easy and pleasant, my staff and I, we will be your guarantee for a perfect wedding.