There are many reasons why you should choose Italy as wedding destination.

Italy is the country with the greatest variety of beautiful areas: from North to South is an endelss wonder.

If you have ever been in Italy or if you don't know how to find the best to realize your dream, we're here to tell you about the most beautiful Italian areas and help you to find the right one for you.


the sunnier, with its cliffs covered of lemon trees down to the sea, the area of Italy with the world's most enchanting bays: the cristalline waters and wonderful fishing villages with fascinating alleys.

CAPRI ISLAND: enchanting and picturesque, a mix of natural beauty - scenic promenades, breathtaking views, stunning sunsets - and luxury locations where set an unforgettable wedding.

APULIA and its historical well know and typical towns, such as Alberobello - with particular Trulli houses, Lecce - the Baroque city, Ostuni - the white town, Otranto with its beautiful beaches and magnificent sea. 

All around Apulia you can find charming farmhouses, called "Masserie", surrounded by secular and spectacular olive oil groves, where you can also eat delicacies.

ABRUZZO: Often choosen from National and International director to set their films.

Rich of ancient suburbs, castles, expanses vineyards, green hills and sandy beaches is also the land of caracteristic Trabocchi coast, fot those who desires very intimate and romantic wedding on the sea. [*Trabocchi are old fishermen's structures builted on stills and nowdays used for fishing but also as restaurants.]

Abruzzo is the Region of unexpected glimpses and if you love nature you coudn't be disappointed

TUSCANY: verdant hills, wonderful sunflowers expanses, farmhouses with tree-lined avenues, hot springs and waterfalls, spa, hystorical towns, medieval suburbs, cathedrals, museums and a wonderful coast.


Caracterized by breathtaking squares and fountains, hystorical monuments, Rome has stunning sunsets through which churches domes and marble monuments turns red, orange and violet, creating spectacular canvas.

Rome also generously offers its ancient districts, a wonderful river and endless romantic wedding locations (Villas, historic mansions, modern and luxurious venues). 

Everywhere in Rome history will surround you and your eyes will be delighted.

Least but not last: all around Italy you'll find delicious food and very good wine.

Every area has got its typical products and traditions and that will be a great way to make you guests happier than ever.

Just let us help you to identify and reviewing what you're looking for!

If you have any question please contact me!